PlayStation Vue

Sony introduces TV Streaming service PlayStation Vue on its recent Android TV’s. PlayStation Vue enables the Android television devices to stream favorite Movies, TV Shows and Sports. Sony started PlayStation Vue streaming service for its Android users. As to highly pleased platforms, the device options are being expanded for PlayStation Vue.

Without the need of PlayStation console, one can sign up for PlayStation Vue through the web. Streaming of your favorite content is enabled if a PlayStation Vue account already exists. One has to simply download and install the PlayStation Vue app on Android Television devices which are runs on Android OS 4.4 or more.

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If the user doesn’t have a PlayStation Vue account, a seven-day trial is offered by signing up on the website. Later, you can link the account to your Android Television. There are a wide variety of plans available for the users choice.

The subscribers can easily access approximately more than 100 favorite channels. The prices range according to the plans, starts from $29.99 (Rs 2,150) to $74.99 (Rs 5,014).

The PlayStation Vue plans such as
  • Access: this plan offers 55+ channels for $29.99 per month, which includes movies, sports, live cable TV ($39.99 in cities with live local broadcast stations).
  • Core: this plan offers 70+ channels for $34.99 per month, which includes the access to all channels, also, to live regional and national sports networks ($44.99 in cities with live local broadcast stations).
  • Elite: this plan offers about 100+ channels for $44.99 per month, broadcasting all from Core with the addition to top entertainment and movie channels ($54.99 in cities with live local broadcast stations).
  • Ultra: this plan offers HBO, SHOWTIME plus all the 100+ Elite channels for $64.99 per month ($74.99 in cities with live local broadcast stations).
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PlayStation Vue service can be accessed on PC and Mac Devices by its users very soon. Some of the additional unique features are included, like ‘mini-player.’ The date for the launch of PlayStation Vue for Mac and PC was not declared.


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