Giphy GIF has been removed temporarily from Instagram and Snapchat. This step has been taken after the users experienced extremely racist GIF there. Snapchat has confirmed recently that as soon as they got aware of it, they disabled Giphy and removed GIF until they get a surety that it will not happen again.

In Instagram, the same racist GIF was found. It was a clear indication that there is some fault in Giphy. A spokesperson of Instagram has confirmed about this update and assured that there is no place for this sort of content on Instagram.  

A spokesperson from Snapchat cleared the side by saying that the app is for teens aged 13+. The GIF included a racial slur and a reader shared a screenshot with that problem. This sort of objectionable content is strictly prohibited by Giphy. However, things can slip as Giphy operates like search engine in which one the web’s top GIFs get indexed.  

Well, this is not the first time that Snapchat has received complaints about having racist content. In 2016, it faced tremendous criticism for creating Asian yellow face. If this continues, then Snapchat may face heavy reputation loss in the coming years. This slip-up may control Snapchat for working with reputed outside developers.

This incident is tremendously embarrassing for not only Snapchat and Instagram, but also Facebook, the parent company of Instagram. It has created suspicion on Messenger Kids’ app of Facebook, which consists of Giphy. It is rather a challenge for Instagram and Snapchat to find a solution to this problem on their own or will take the help of outsiders to fix this issue altogether.


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