SnapChat App Down

SnapChat App Down: Snapchat, the popular image messaging multimedia mobile application is down. Snap Users over 170 million are being affected by this outage. The exact reason for this unexpected shutdown has not been known yet. Snapchat has posted on its official Twitter account saying that they had acknowledged the problem and working on it. But still, the technical issues haven’t been resolved.

A large number of Snapchat users started complaining about the outage of their favorite app on Twitter, while some users tweeting that the service is back for them. However, Official Twitter account of snapchat has not yet posted anything about the status of the app.

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Users who are facing issues of Snapstreaks disappearing can visit the Snapchat Support website and click on the “My Snapstreaks have disappeared“section. If you opted for ‘YES’ next to ‘still need help’ you can fill out a form for further help.

The selfie social network app has been known for its unique features. Snapchat still withstands its position facing WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook. From last few days, there’s buzz in the social media that Snapchat is Shutting Down by the End of 2017. Snapchat Inc cleared this saying it is a rumor and it has been originated offline on a prank news site.

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