unemployment in ap 2017

Shocking figures of the unemployment rate in Andhra Pradesh with 9,29,566 jobless youth.

Our state government itself reported that the unemployment rate in our state is very high. Chief minister Nara Chandra Babu Naidu who promised that he would provide employment to everyone failed to do so. Not only the jobs, but TDP also neglected to provide unemployment benefit money to the jobless youth.

As the opposition party leader Y.S.Jagan wrote a letter to provide benefits for the unemployed, the government accepted and invested a budget of Rs. 500 crores. But no proper implementation of the plan started yet, and the government is claiming that the unemployed people should participate actively in some voluntary works to be eligible for the benefits.

Recent surveys have proved that over 9,28,566 people are unemployed in our state alone. Officials are claiming that there might be even more.

Last year 474 job melas were announced in our state, for which 35,061 members attended. Out of them, only 11,542 got the jobs, and only 3,111 got the private sector works. At this stage, the government is even removing existing employees in the fields of contractors, outsourcing jobs. If this goes on and the unemployment rate is still high, there is no way we can our state in a better position in the nearest future.
Number of unemployed people in the following cities:
Kurnool – 91451

Ananthapuram – 49574

Chittor – 67087

YSR Kadapa – 72147

Vijayawada – 73791

Eluru – 64721

Guntur – 51739

Nellore – 53136

Ongole – 53132

Kakinada – 82735

Srikakulam – 53631

Visakhapatnam(SP) – 7627

P&E Andhra Pradesh – 37288

Vijayanagaram – 59295

Visakhapatnam(CI) – 72897

Visakhapatnam(T&S) – 38315

Total : 9,29,566


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