Shaun’s performance in Winter Olympics was really commendable and no one can easily forget his powerful achievement of what he actually aimed at.

It’s usual that everyone becomes delighted with extreme joy after the accomplishment of his/her goals; however, it was vividly witnessed by Shaun’s acquisition as tears were rolling down his eyes and he was holding his head in his hands. That moment was really great.

His father remarked that he had never seen tears in his son’s eyes, but today after seeing his victory, it made him cry too but they were actually only revealing their happiness.

Furthermore, Shaun admitted that he got defeated before he got to Sochi. At that moment, he was slightly unmotivated. The incident happened in New Zealand in October when he was imbibing YOLO flip; he got some shudder-some bruises, which needed 62 stitches for its recovery on his face.

He added that he was acquiring some new skills and it was fabulous and making him feels more optimistic. But unfortunately, he was at the hospital and when he saw his face in the mirror his condition was terrifying him and when he thought of stepping out in snow again it forced him to think about that dreadful incident and he questioned himself if he really wanted to repeat that.

His family and friends pushed him to make it as a career and his friends reminded that he had got medals and was quite fortunate to be well skilled in this sport. Well, it all worked out and he fixed up his goal and was determined to achieve it.

Besides all these, Shaun’s mother said that she resisted him from snowboarding. There were tears in her eyes while expressing her emotions. She was worried about him after that worst incident, but today she was appreciating his efforts and called it as the strength of a true athlete.

With this thriving victory, he has become a big motivation for others.


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