air selfie-a-new-selife-trend

The era of smartphones has set new trends among the users. Cameras in smartphones have started the new age of photos and videos.The mobile makers also have increased this trend in their way by providing maximum possible cameras.

Videos and photos have become one of the common phenomenon among the users.After a few days, SELFIE has become the nerve of the smartphone users. The selfie craze is at its peak in these days. Some of them are duck faces, planking, finger-mouthing, videoing oneself dancing to “Closer.”

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Latest poses and angles are being researched for the selfie photos by the individuals. Unfortunately, there is a serious impact of such craze mainly on youth and teenagers.

The fashion of selfie camera poses has caused to many accidental deaths in the past and in recent times. But the trend is nowhere in declining graph show but contrast its more viral and inclining in the graph of trendy.

Coming back to the present viral selfie, a man by name Seth Sneeder has placed his selfie pic in the social media sites. This has gone viral with almost 4,40,000 likes and 2,00,000 re-tweets.

Why so crazy and what is the specialty of that tweet? Do you want to know that story? Then here is why it has become so viral on sites.

The selfie is taken in a pose where the mobile lies in the air, and the man stands clapping. It is so perfectly timed that the likers and re-tweeters have started loving it. The timing and the idea to do so is making many try the same. This may be fun but should be careful.

People who are inspired by Seth Schneider idea was taking selfies in a similar manner and posting them on twitter.

This type of selfie may result in smartphone damage if not perfectly done. Because the phone will be thrown in the air and with both the hand’s clap would be clapped. The timing and the angle should be perfect for a good selfie.Seth does this. Hence it has been viewed, liked and shared by those many members.


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