Shilpa Shetty is a well-known versatile actress in Bollywood. For those, who are too lazy to start their day, here are few motivation tips by fitness Diva Shipa Shetty, which went viral on twitter and Instagram.  She has been doing yoga from past many years and it has given her results. She includes different kinds of workout like hard core work out, abs workout, and breathing exercises in her daily routine.

Regular exercising will keep the doctor away!! Yes it will keep chronic illnesses at distance as your immune system becomes strong. Once you make it a habit, you won’t feel like missing it. They say it is very good for cardiovascular system, heart disease, anxiety and diabetes.

Here are few tips by Diva to get those flat abs:

  • Planks

Planks are the best work out to get a flat abs. Not only you strengthen your abs, you can strengthen neck, shoulders, core and chest. Planks make your abdominal muscles stronger, allowing you to get a 6-pack.

  • Crunches

Crunches are most popular workout, which are usually done on a daily basis to strengthen your abdominal muscles. It even reduces fat and beer belly. Crunches are usually done in the form of sets. 3 sets a day is mandatory if you are working out for 4-pack abs.

  • Mountain Climbers

Mountain Climbers are one of the best workouts for getting those flat abs. All you need to do is lie on the floor in high plank position with your core tight and hands directly under the shoulders. You need to engage your core by stabilizing hips and then try to run.

  • Pull-ups

Pull-ups are done to achieve lean body. These work out can be done once your core is adjusted to those heavy workouts. Well, this can help you burn belly fat and get those flat abs.

Fitness is the only mantra, which can keep you going strong and sturdy all through your life.”No pain, No gain”. Thanks for reading!



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