No more storage food says, researchers. Eating seasonal fruits may boost your gut health. The new study states consumption of fresh fruits, Vegetables will increase the health condition and prevent from falling sick.

The probability of occurrence of colon cancer in a human body will be reduced consuming seasonal fruits. Veggies cut down colon cancer risk, researches conveyed. Abdominal diseases and bacterial disease will be reduced in number with increase in gut health.

Maintaining belly fat and diet is an essential task because all the health issues are linked to the digestive system. When a human is suffering from gut issues, then it will be the biggest problem that will be bothering him the most. According to the study, fresh and seasonal food can help people to improve their health.

According to the research carried out researchers state that gut bacteria of an indigenous group of individuals in Africa was around 30 percent more heterogeneous than in Western nations.

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Stanford University’s school of medicine in California team studied tribes living in the Savannah are known as The Hadza and collected stool samples from 188 individuals, aged eight to 70 years. They carried out the test and concluded that their diet is in an inconsistent state.

Hadza people diet mainly consists of five items that comprise of meat, berries, baobab (fruit), tubers and honey. Due to the consumption of stored food, Hadza was people lack Gut microbiota will cause gut issues. The team found that they do not acquire the common stomach ailments that infect the Western world such as inflammatory bowel disease or Crohn’s disease, colon cancer and ulcerative colitis.

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Processed and well-managed diet can bring development in gut health and bacteria that improve the immune system. The authors of the report stated that gut health could be maintained by eating seasonal fruits and veggies. Researcher Justin Sonnenburg conveyed “Our microbiota can change significantly from day to day, or even within hours, in response to what we’ve been eating.”

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