Artificial food

In coming days Instead of taking protein food or fruits for being healthy shall be replaced by a single protein cell. Scientists in Finland claim that they have successfully created food out of thin air by using electricity, CO2, and microbes. If this technology comes to reality it can eradicate problems such as malnutrition and hunger deaths.

Artificial protein is done by mixing few ingredients like coffee-cup sized bio cells and supplied an electric shock to it. It contains 50% protein and 25% CO2 and remaining contains fat, nucleic acid, Quartz.

The main advantage of this protein is even animals can take this in place of fodder. So it will be helpful for crops since it reduces strain. If animals are feeder with this protein world’s plants, get increased. However, this Protein is not yet ready for human consumption.

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According to researchers, the food produced by electrical source has ten times more energy than food produced by sunlight photosynthesis plants. Therefore researchers will show a path for people to feed cheap food without cultivating food on massive land.

UN estimates that 795 million people in the world are suffering from chronic undernourishment. Reports said this artificial protein could be developed more in future for providing food for individuals who are traveling in flight for a long duration of time. It also helps in reducing the scarcity of food.

In the long run, the protein reactors also have the potential to create the building blocks of meals aboard long-duration space flights, and as a rapid-response counters o famine, the report said


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