Recently, Samsung unveiled its first ever foldable smartphone across the media channels and named it as Galaxy Fold at its event held at San Fransisco. The device will be available across the stores at a price of $1,980 which is roughly over INR 1,40000.

Shortly after, the popular tech giant revealed that they will only manufacture limited quantities of the latest model and shall be only available at select outlets unlike the other models released by the company. Although the reason is unknown, people have been dying to know the reason why it makes this phone worth the buy.

As per the latest news, the device will be sold across the world from April onwards (in limited quantity) and will target only the people who can afford to maintain the phone exquisitely.

Although no one was lucky enough to experience the features and specifications of the phone at the last launch, the spokesperson of Samsung admitted that they will get to experience it at the next event which will be held around April this year.

If the rumors are heard to be true then we have got you covered about the features of the latest smartphone marketed and produced by Samsung. The Galaxy Fold has a petty folding bookish design that also features a 4.6- inch wide display to be precise. It additionally features a whopping 7.3-inch foldable screen inside that is comparable to the size of a tablet. The phone also features around 6 cameras which holds around three cameras on the rear end, two cameras on the inside and one camera which is placed on the cover. Surprisingly, the cameras are found to be having similar specifications as that of the Galaxy S10 smartphone.

Stay tuned for the latest updates to know about the unraveling features of the latest model marketed by Samsung. Let us know what additional features are you looking for in this model that will persuade you to grab this phone for sure!


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