Samsung is all set to increase its brand demand by producing lightweight smartphones with magnesium alloys. The company is ready to set its trademark with the invention of phones with metal 12 alloys.

Basically, metal 12 alloys are magnesium alloys. In the current market, most of the electronics goods are made of magnesium alloys to reduce weight and make it more durable.

The company will launch the new Notebook 9 in 2018 with magnesium alloys. According to European Union Intellectual Property, metal 12 can also be used in other gadgets like laptops and watches.

Samsung will launch Galaxy S9 and Note 9 with magnesium alloy. The upcoming phones will retain the sandwich design pattern to provide wireless charging feature. This new design comes integrated with a metal chassis sandwiched between glasses both in front and back.

The company is fascinated to use different metals in order to provide more features to its users. There was rumor that Galaxy S7 would use magnesium alloy for its framework, but ended up with aluminum alloy.

As Android community explains, the 13.3-inches Notebook weighs 995g and 15.6-inch model. This is possible only because of usage of magnesium alloy.

Samsung Galaxy S9 will hit the market by the end of February or March 2018.


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