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Artificial Intelligence is the next big thing to happen in the world of smartphones. There are already a few out in the market and are providing next-level experience for the users. Tech giants like Apple has come up with Siri and Google has also unveiled Google Assistant. Besides these, Microsoft’s Cortana also made its debut in the recent Windows 10. Now, it’s Samsung to take up the stage for the launch of its Bixby smart assistant.

Bixby, an AI-powered voice assistant by Samsung, will make its debut in the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone. Samsung claims that the Bixby isn’t just a regular smart assistant who answers just your basic questions. The smart assistant is designed in such a way that it understands the way you use it and act accordingly.

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If a user is unaware of how the assistant works, Bixby enabled apps will perform the tasks on users call. To be simple, it understands what you are looking at and helps in performing the actions. However, Bixby smart assistant resembles Google Assistant and aims to change the behavior with touch commands. This might not be a perfect smart assistant from Samsung to replace Google Assistant. Bixby might not have the data, and with this, Samsung is trying to get the most out of devices.

This eventually results in making the user experience a far much better. Samsung is planning to get the Bixby to other devices like TV, wearables, etc. in the coming years. Reports say that Bixby can be launched with the help of a physical button notable in the coming Galaxy S8. In addition to this, Samsung is also planning third-party developers for expanding the Bixby capabilities further.

As of now, there are no hints about How Bixby works, and it would be interesting to see how it serves Samsung users. Hopefully, the brand Samsung may help Bixby work well in assisting day-to-day activities.


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