Satan 2: Russian Deadly Nuclear Missile unveiled could turn France to ashes

Known as “Satan 2” Russia has unveiled RS-28 Sarmat, a liquid-fueled, equipped with MIRV is a super dark thermo-nuclear armed ballistic missile. This Russian intercontinental “Satan 2” missile has a payload capacity, which could wipe out a landmass sized equally similar to France or Texas.

Russia had declassified an image of the beast of missile RS-28 Sarmat has a range of 10,000 kilometers. ‘RS-28 Sarmat’ is an intercontinental ballistic missile is the replacement of RS-36M, dubbed by NATO at its service entrance in the year 1970s. This powerful RS-28 Sarmat missile range is capable targeting major cities of European nations and the UK.

This heavy ‘RS-28 Sarmat’ missile can destroy the targeted region escaping enemy’s radar detection when fired, as this massive destructive missile is made and designed by Stealth Technology.

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The ‘RS-28 Sarmat’ is capable to deliver warheads 2,000 times powerful than the Hiroshima and Nagasaki atom bombs, which are dropped in the year 1945. The top speed of this missile is 7 Km per second. This is believed to be designed to make it fit with Project 4202, which is a Russian Hypersonic Glider Warhead capable of accelerate to speeds seven to 12 times higher than the speed of sound.

According to the Russian Media, the Satan-2 missile’s first stage of engine PDU-99 is tested in the month of August itself, while the test on hypersonic warhead will be in April.

“It is Russia’s answer to the threat of missile defence systems designed to undermine the global strategic balance; the missile could go into production by 2018,” Russia’s government-controlled news agency reported.

Satan 2 is expected to be a strategic threaten by Russia to all the countries, especially US. As the Bloomberg reported in August, that Pentagon was preparing to approve the production of ICBM (Inter-continental Ballistic Missile). It seems like Russia would appear as a straight open competitor for the US.


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