rubik's cube

Humans cannot match robots in many ways. Solving the Rubik’s cube is one such thing. There are many people who are trying to master the art of completing the Rubik’s cube in the shortest possible time. But, a machine has solved a Rubik’s puzzle in 0.38 seconds and set a record.

The current record by a German Engineer and his Sub1 Reloaded robot was 0.637 seconds.

Researchers thought that they could set the record by using a motor in the robot. A student named Ben Katz from MIT collaborated with Carlo to create a Rubik’s robot.

He stated that most of the Rubik’s solvers were trying to use stepper motors for solving the Rubik’s puzzle. That is where they realized that they can use better motors than competitors and solve the puzzle very fast.

Mr. Ben Katz said that the 0.38 seconds needed for solving the Rubik’s puzzle included image capturing and moving the cubes accordingly.

They said that the robot initially destroyed the cube. However, they used 2 old PS3 cameras to identify the configuration of the cubes and solve the puzzle accordingly. The algorithm designed inside the cube determines the step by step process involved in solving the Rubik’s cube.

Moreover, the robot initially had a problem of identifying the difference between the orange and red cubes. It took more time for the developers to fix this issue in the robot.

Ben also shared that he is planning to tune the performance of the machine. However, he mentioned that the process is time-consuming.

Mr. Beer is considered to have made a world record by creating a robot that finished the Rubik’s puzzle in 0.637 seconds. He has been awarded Guinness Book Record for creating such a robot.


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