Bruno Mars

The Hawaiian-born artist Bruno Mars has been chased on social media platforms after he was alleged to have used appropriating Black culture in his songs. Bruno Mars is in trend for all the unusual reasons.

The controversy broke out on Twitter when the star singer made it to the big night at Grammy Awards. After sweeping out for three straight categories in the field of record, song, and album, it was hard for people to gulp the award winners for the singer.

After the video criticizing him for appropriating Black culture in his songs went viral, it was necessary for Mars’ fans to respond. While some thwarted this view of derogating the singer artist, few people spoke up both for and against the issue taking it on nearly every social media platform.

The controversy started after one of the debates from Grapevine held up in round table attire caught fire on Youtube. He was accused of playing racial ambiguity and to have crossed genres as per the

Meanwhile, the original Grapevine video found 27,000 views with one of the clips making its reach to 4,21,000.

Moving ahead, a lady spoke up her mind and accused the singer artist of creating pre-existing work without any fine skill of him to enhance the original song. Among others, some came up to the support of Kendrick Lamar who topped some of the best lists out there along for Kanye West who had a hard time winning the major titles.

However, it is really sad to raise questions on the musical ability of Bruno Mars for his varied cultural heritage of Puerto Rican, Filipino, Jewish, and Spanish.


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