‘Lost In Space’ TV series directed by Irwin Allen was first aired fifty decades ago, which depicted the journey of Robinson and his family towards space. On Wednesday, Netflix revealed in a teaser that a reboot of ‘Lost in Space’ is on the cards and this ten episode movie will be aired from 13th April onwards.

The 1960 TV series was again revamped into a movie 30 years later, which featured popular actors like Matt Le Blanc (Friends Fame) and Gary Oldman (enacted Sirius Black in Harry Potter) with a similar plot. In spite of that, the movie failed to create the magic that the series had created previously.

The classic sci-fi series’ teaser is about two minutes long and provides the viewers with a glimpse into the story plot which it is based on. The trailer reveals the family of Robinson is about to leave the Earth in an attempt to explore and colonize a part of a different planet. One by one, the family members board the Jupiter 2 spaceship and take off to an unknown land. In the original classic series, the show also featured a doctor, robots, and space explorers apart from Robinson’s family.

Unlike the other sci-fi movies, which are actually based on a much darker theme, the revamped version of the already hit series does look promising and viewers are hopeful to get hooked on to the series. It is hard to judge whether the makers will put up a better show than the 1998 movie or not. But still, the viewers are much excited to see the plot twists that might be added to the upcoming series to garner the attention of the viewers. Unfortunately, the movie remake couldn’t garner the required attention of the viewers, but we are hopeful that the latest reboot does justice to the makers of the series.


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