bright movie review

There have been a lot of Netflix original movies in the past, but we can say with conviction that “Bright” is definitely the best Netflix movie till date. It absolutely deserves to be on the big screen. It has stunning visuals and the acting and direction is phenomenal. David Ayer is back to directing the cop-movie genre and it is absolutely awesome.

The writer of the movie, Max Landis is some kind of a pop-culture savant and he is capable of setting up everything from pulp fiction fantasy to action comedies into a blockbuster superweapon. His writing is somewhat familiar in the way Quintin Tarantino’s movies are familiar and fresh like Tarantino’s movies as well. This explains why Netflix paid so much just for the screenplay.

The movie is set in a parallel universe where humans and Orcs, Fairies and Elves live together in harmony. It is not exactly harmony but an uneasy sense of balance. The movie is ambitious yet a really well executed tent pole by Netflix that directly benefits from Ayer’s streetwise and gritty sensibility and Landis’ gift of elaborate creation of comic book myths.

The story revolves around the relationship between two police officers that have been reluctantly paired together. One cop is a battle scarred beat cop. His name is Daryl Ward and Will Smith plays this role. Another is Nick Jakoby, the first Orc to be allowed on the force. He is played by Joel Edgerton.

There are plenty of sci-fi movies that want to build a franchise ready world, but very few have been able to pull it off. This movie looks like it can pull off a feat like that. The pecking order between races is clearly portrayed in the opening credits of the movie where shots of murals and graffiti shows which race is superior to which one.

It is a complicated social system, which is difficult to establish, but “Bright” has been able to do it without traditional exposition at all. The movie easily transposed fantasy elements that are commonly found in entertainment for kids to heavy duty action for adults.

This movie definitely deserves full marks as almost everything from writing to direction to acting to visuals is top notch.


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