In this fast moving life, you can expect everything instantly. With a flick of eyes, you can get everything in front of you easily. Contacting with known ones via messaging is also easy. But, getting a reply or giving reply may take few minutes. To deal with it and make it quick, two years ago, Google had introduced Smart Reply. With a single tap, it delivered a brief; however, that may not contain a full-fledged response to the question being asked. Now Google is working to add this amazing feature in other messaging services as well. This is known as ‘Reply’. If this project leads to a positive response, then the users will also enjoy it in Facebook Messenger.

Smart Replies enhance the convenience level. It basically uses a collection of AI dash & content scanning. This combination gives the accurate response that you wish to give but can’t give because of busy schedule or any other reason. Also, it offers a lot of suggestions and by tapping on that you can give the right response. Well, it’s also true that it may give some funny suggestions, but assuredly most of them really work well. You can avail these services only if you are making use of Google services & apps.

A private testing has been started by the R&D group of Google. Although Smart Reply exists on Google and Android messages, with private testing, it is trying to bring it to other digital communication forms as well. Of course, by starting with Hangouts of Google, it will cover many non-Google platforms of messaging, such as Facebook Messenger, Slack, Skype and Twitter Direct Messages.

Well, the workflow will not be the same obviously. For these sorts of apps, the user will get suggestions for notifications only by using Android’s feature of recent in-notification reply. This feature would simply mean that reply will work on Android only. Many other features like automatic replies for Driving, Vacation modes, Do Not Disturb, and emergency messages notification will also entertain the users. However, it’s not certain when the public can use it because it’s in development stage.


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