Renault Kwid

Renault India has launched the Special Edition for its successful Kwid variant in India. The new edition is named as ‘Live for more.‘ As you all knew the success of the Renault Kwid Variants in India, the budget and low-end model from Renault. This special Edition of the Kwid comes in Red and Grey Stripes along the length of the car on the roof. This new addition is very good looking regarding the exterior looks, and you can also find the red accents on the wheel covers and the front grille up as well

This model has the integrated spoiler on the rear, and it is highlighting the looks of the Kwid. You can even notice the contrast coloured roof-rails as well. The new limited edition Renault Kwid ‘Live for more’ starts at Rs 2.93 Lakh (Ex-Showroom, Mumbai).

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The interior of this Kwid edition gets the bits of Red accents on the steering wheel and on the door pads. The rest of the features are similar and remains same as the Renault Kwid. Mechanically, the car remain as it is and you can observe no changes.

Kwid 2017

Kwid 2017 2

The ‘Live For More’ edition is arrives with the Kwid 0.8-litre, Kwid 1.0-litre and even on the AMT variants. The waiting period depends on the model which you have selected and the ‘Live for more’ special accessory kit is provided at free of cost on 2016 models for the Renault Kwid. The 2017 Models, ‘Live for more’ special accessory kit will be provided on the payable basis and the special request only.

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The ‘Live For more’ Edition is offered only on the 2016 models so as to clear up the stocks from last year and make way for the fresh stock from the Chennai based manufacturer. If we can say one thing about the Kwid ‘Live for more’ edition, It looks even better than the regular models.


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