Jana, a Boston-based mobile internet startup is offering 10 MB of free data every day for Android users in India. The company has raised $57 million from Verizon Ventures in the earlier year. Also, it ran mCentapp, through which users could get free mobile data by trying out sponsored apps.

The sponsors pay for the data and Jana takes commission from them. Now, the company has also launched mCent browser which works on a much simpler principle. This time, users may not have to try the sponsored app.

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“Our aim is to reach one billion people,” said Nathan Eagle, founder & CEO of Jana. “It’s saddening to see people with Android phones keeping their data switched off.”

Jana has reached 30 million user base with 10 million users added last year. With this new browser, the company is aiming to add another 10 million users this year end. All of the surprise, the company does not have any users in the U.S.

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Eagle claims that over half of its users are from India. “By 2020, people will pay more for data despite the price of data coming down across markets.” Consumption of internet will be multiplied by 6 times by 2020. Even if the price per megabyte is being to be slashed half, the amount which internet users spend on their data connection will be hike by 3 times.

The company has launched this new offer in India first and is planning to launch the service in other countries soon. As the advertisers are added to the platform, the data limit increases gradually and achieves its target of providing unlimited internet access


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