Many smartphone users are addicted to their phones 24×7 and to help them come out of their addiction, Google had launched five Digital Wellbeing tools in October 2019. Now with the release of three new apps – Envelope, Activity Bubbles, and Screen Stopwatch, it has further enhanced its “Experiments with Google” collection. This collection is meant to help the users understand and monitor their habits and manage their tech use better. All these apps are available at Google Play Store.

Talking about the new releases in detail, here is what these offers.


It is compatible with Pixel 3a only so far and it helps to “transform your phone into a simpler, calmer device”. It means once you activate this app, your phone will function as a basic feature phone. The remaining features get covered by an envelope. So here, you take a printout of a PDF and fold it into an envelope that covers the entire functionality leaving only the basic ones of a fingerprint reader, clock and main camera open. Thus, you can only make and take the calls, see time and click pictures or videos.

Activity Bubbles

It is a live wallpaper that helps in keeping a track of your screen-on time during the day. Every time to unlock your phone a new bubble gets added to this live wallpaper. At the end of the day, you can gauge your usage during the entire day by the area of screen covered by these bubbles on this wallpaper.

Screen Stopwatch

This app is somewhat similar to the Unlock Clock app launched by Google last year. It is meant to track your screen-on time and as the name suggests, it tells you the total time that you spent on your phone each day precisely. It is again a live wallpaper that puts a large counter on the display for the time your phone display is on.

These new apps developed and released by Google are available for free on Play Store. While Envelope can only be used on Pixel 3a, the other two are compatible with a broader selection of devices. You can use these to monitor your screen time better.


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