Reddit excited to begin rolling out in-house image hosting to select communities this week. For a long time, Imgur-hosted its services had been an integral part of how content shared on Reddit.

Mr. Andy, Reddit’s product team said, we are very grateful to those groups for the support of how they been and hosted their services on Reddit. But now Reddit is bringing a seamless experience with this new feature.

Reddit allows you to upload images up to 20MB and gifs up to 100MB directly when submitting a link. By clicking on a Reddit – hosted image from any listing such as the FrontPage, and be taken directly to the conversation and comments about that picture.

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Reddit makes you experience native apps with fewer tap and without leaving the app. In this process, native image hosting will support single image and gif uploads. The Reddit team thanked Redditors for being a part and providing us with the feedback.

He also writes, more than 50 image tool plans to launch in the coming weeks. Also, anyone can test out the tool on these subreddits viz., get motivated, earthporn, gaming, space, sports, oldschoolcool, art, aww, dataisbeautiful, food, funny, gifs, mildlyinteresting, movies, photoshopbattles, pics.

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