Reddit, popular Online discussion forum has launched native videos platform on both mobile and desktop. In June, Reddit has opened beta testing for some communities to upload movies directly in to the website.  Reddit is a social networking, entertaining, and news site which enable registered community members to send content such as text posts or even direct links.

The users can discuss the content published on the website making it essentially an online bulletin board system. Reddit posted the launch on its official blog, “With native video, we’ve streamlined this process dramatically, allowing both content creators and commenters to focus on the conversations taking place on the site. There is no necessity for third-party uploads, new tabs, or back arrows. ”

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Until now, it’s much more of pain and time-consuming to upload videos from other platforms like YouTube or Gfycat for GIFs and again re-post them on Reddit. Now Redditors can easily share videos for more casual reasons.

Initially, there was no option to upload pre-recorded videos that belonged to users themselves. Now, the user can upload pre-recorded videos with native videos and share them with other Reddit users. The mobile app users can even trim videos and GIFs before uploading. Videos and GIFs are the most shared content on Reddit.

Reddit is a $1.8 billion company raised $200 million recently and promised to restore its years-old website as well as integrate new features to keep over 100,000 communities more engaged and interested. In the previous year, Reddit ended the partnership with Imgur, a photo-sharing site to boost native photos. Native photos let users avoid the hassle of posting images outside the site and linking back. Reddit also announced that the redesigning of the website is on the cards as we collect feedback from the users.

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