Rakshaka Bhatudu review

Rakshaka Bhatudu is the latest Telugu film directed by Vamsi Krishna Akella and bankrolled by Gururajan S. Keeping the story, screenplay, direction aside the audience are very much excited to watch this flick because the filmmakers maintained the main male lead of the movie a suspense throughout the shooting. Now that the film is finally released, the viewers can’t wait to go to theaters. The team released the poster of the movie which depicts a muscular man in Police Uniform with the face of Lord Hanuman is walking with Gadha in one hand. Ever the poster release so many speculations about who the hero comes out. Let’s see how this action comedy is:

Rakshaka Bhatudu Movie Review:

Movie Name: Rakshaka Bhatudu

Cast: Prabhakar, Richa Panai, Brahmanandam, Brahmaji

Director: Vamsi Krishna Akella

Producer: Gururajan S

Music: Sekhar Chandra

Release Date: 12th May 2017


The story depicts Brahmanandam as a director who is directing a movie. Strange and paranormal things start to happen which scares the cast and crew and also the Police. The hero who is the inspector comes like a god amidst all these and protects the people.

Cast and Crew:

The movie revealed why the makers got to hide the face of the main lead without getting leaked. The hero performance is excellent. Richa Panai looked gorgeous in the film. Justifying the genre, the movie has a lot of comedy tracks going on by the comedians Brahmanandam, Brahmaji, DhanRaj, Prabhakar, etc. All of them did a very admirable job and made the audience laugh.

Technical Team:

After Raksha and Jakkana Vamsi is back with Rakshaka Bhatudu. As he completely focussed on the horror element in Raksha movie and the comedy track in Jakkanna movie, Vamsi took this film by adding both the horror and humor elements. The production values by Gururajan S under Vega Entertainment are good. The Music by Sekhar Chandra is just average. Cinematography and editing could have been much better.

Plus Points:

  • Some comedy scenes(Not all)

Minus Points:

  • Nothing scary even though the genre includes the horror element
  • Comedy
  • Slow narration
  • Draggy scenes


Rakshaka Bhatudu is just an average movie with nothing new at all. The comedy didn’t executed well. The direction is just average. Comedy in some scenes felt boring and annoying. The music is off sync. We can say that the movie is a failed venture by the makers. The first half is somewhat better compared to the second half.


Rakshaka Bhatudu is a poorly executed movie with annoying comedy and nothing new.


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