Rajinikanth Indigo

Tamil superstar Rajinikanth gave a sudden surprise to his little fans by flying with them from Chennai to Bangalore. Going into the details, Indian Airline company Indigo has provided Sixth Class students from a private school a chance to travel from Chennai to Bangalore for free of cost.

Indigo has selected A private school in Kumbakonam area from Thanjavur district. When the flight is about to take off, An unexpected thing happened much to the delight of the kids inside the plane. Super Star Rajinikanth has entered the flight and traveled with them.

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Rajinikanth Indigo

The kids were awestruck by the incident and are on cloud nine. Out of Excitement they began to shout saying ‘Super Star’ Super Star in joy. Rajini chatted with the students who are around 50 in number. The Tamil Super Star has shared his views and opinions with the children. He also advised on how to behave with elders like Teachers and Parents.

Rajinikanth accompanied and traveled with the children to Bangalore.Even after the plane arrived at Bangalore airport, Rajinikanth was waiting for the children to come down from the plane and wished them goodbye. The children also expressed their happiness for meeting Rajini.


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