London Runway Show

London Fashion Week is already a famous event and this year, more glitters get added to it by the presence of Queen Elizabeth II. On Tuesday, Queen Elizabeth II made a splash when she sat next to Anna Wintour, the Editor-In-Chief of Vogue at the fashion show.

Her Majesty added the beauty of the event with her presence. She was dressed in a coat & jacket in pastel blue color, which was designed by designer & her personal assistant, Angela Kelly. Pearl earnings, matching broach, and crisp black gloves augmented her beauty manifold. In 65 years, this has been her first ever shocking and benign appearance to bestow the honor of inaugural Queen Elizabeth II Award to Richard Quinn, the British designer.

She gave a wonderful speech at the event while honoring the designer and said that the award is a real tribute to all those who have given their best to boost the British fashion show. She also said that this award was homage to her legacy and industry.

Quinn started his label in the year 2016. He has been chosen for this award with the help of British Fashion Council. Regardless of the eccentricity of everyone present at the award event, the whole show was so bold and bright that it was admired by everyone.

The queen addressed the people at the event by saying that the fashion industry of Britishers is known for outstanding craftsmanship. For many years, its grace has amazed people across the whole universe and also will continue to delight the public with cutting-edge, awesome textiles and practical designs.

With the first appearance at London Fashion Week, she has created a tremendous bustle and the whole social media got swayed by the news of her presence.


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