So far, the zombie mode in the viral mobile game named PUBG has offered the players one of the most intense and engaging royal experience. The latest update now features a half an hour round which can be played in a duration of 3 days. Although it features around 60 game players who can participate in the current gameplan, as a player you may have to face plenty of zombies whose characters are primarily inspired by the game named Resident Evil 2.

As per the latest reports announced by a YouTube channel named MrGhost, players are expecting that the makers of the game will launch another zombie mode which will allow the players to transform into a zombie to attack other players and win the game.After this news was released in the media, players are waiting graciously for the latest update.

Currently, there is no update that confirms the date of release of the latest mode. However, MrGhost anticipates that such kind of update will be available with the version 0.13 /0.14.  The update may feature human vs zombie, a mode that is also available in the PC mode. As per the latest announcemnets, the PUBG Mobile India finals will take place on 10th of March on Hyderabad at G.M.C Balayogi. The event is supposed to start at 11 am in the morning and the proceedings will be further streamed via the Facebook platform. The tournament was announced in January and holds a total prize of INR 1 Crore. Fortunately, everyone has been invited to participate in this tournament unlike the game played last year which allowed only college students to participate in the said game.

The team who wins the tournament in the PUBG Mobile India Series 2019 game tournament will be earning Rs 30 lakhs, while the runners up will win Rs 10 lakh and Rs 5 lakh for the team who comes in the 3rd rank. The teams who rank in top 10 positions are liable to win cash prizes in this tournament. If you are participating in this game, here’s wishing you best wishes!
May the best the candidate win!


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