Every season, the most exclusive clubs bring out a list of players that they deem fit to join their high rankings. This is known as Pro Bowl. If you ball for almost an entire season, you are most probably going to get a node from Pro Bowl. In 2017, the best of the best professional football players were left out because there are only a finite number of openings.

The players who couldn’t make it are known as snubs and the most shocking snubs from both AFC and NFC this time were Alex Smith, Case Keenum and Jordan Howard. If you are a football fan, you definitely know the names of these guys as they had an excellent 2017 season. Here is why they were the snubs this season:

Kansas City Chiefs’ Alex Smith, QB

Alex Smith’s numbers do back him up. He is a quarterback who is sixth in NFL in terms of passing yards (about 3738), fifth (tie) in terms of passing touchdowns (25), and least amount of interceptions amount quarterbacks with about 400 attempts of passing. But, no matter how good the numbers are, his unfair reputation and a struggling stretch has lost him the place in Pro Bowl.

Minnesota Vikings’ Case Keenum, QB

Minnesota is heading to this season’s playoffs and most of the credit goes to Keenum. But, his reputation also cost him the Pro Bowl. He is best known as the guy who was waiting for his job to be taken from him by Jared Goff in LA last season after which he drifted to Minnesota.

Chicago Bears’ Jordan Howard, RB

With excellent numbers, Howard is fourth in NFL in rushing yards (1069) and has a 4.4 yard per carry average and seven rushing touchdown. Chicago won’t be going to post season, but they have definitely found a fitting backfield tandem in Howard and Tank. He couldn’t make it because he wasn’t up to the mark in the beginning of the season and picked up pace later on.

These players have the potential to be in the Pro Bowl lists but unfortunately couldn’t make it this season. Hopefully they would work hard and make it in the next season.


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