Priyanka Chopra Gets Trolled

The Indian Beauty Priyanka Chopra currently became busy in the Hollywood. She proved her talent with her amazing acting skills not only in Bollywood and Hollywood but also in Tollywood too. Recently she attended a Gala Fashion Event in New York. She wore a long Brown trench coat designed by Ralph Lauren. Though the front side is good, the outfit comes with a large bottom which covers the entire floor. The picture of her went immediately viral, and the Twitterati are trolling her fashion sense. Netizens started making fun of outfit claiming that she might be empowering the New Yorkers about Indian Swatch Bharath Abhiyan and the dress can also be used to cover the entire cricket ground in case of rain.

Twitteratis are joking that Priyanka is sweeping the stairs promoting the broom-like outfit. People are saying that PC invented this first ever longest trench coat whereas some are stating that Priyanka is wearing a bedsheet mistakenly. Some are making fun that she is the most fashionable lady constable ever (as the outfit is brown in color which is the uniform color of Indian Police often termed as khaki color). A guy commented that whatever Inspecter Priyanka is searching for, she will surely find it. However, gorgeous Priyanka Chopra has become prey for the netizens because of her dress.


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