Prisoner Demands Sex Dolls to be Given in Jail

Like never seen before, the prisoners in Britain jail given with sex dolls, to make them stress-free and happy from inside.

A drug dealer and prisoner in Britain jail said that the behavior in male prisoners is directly proportional to the time they are spending with these sex dolls. If they have a proper association with these dolls, then they likely to be less aggressive in the jail.

It is a well-known fact that the UK, is one of the countries, where the prisoners are not allowed to meet their spouse or partner in a private room.

WiFi is the most important thing than Sex, Alcohol and Chocolate: Reports

So, Jack claimed that giving them sex dolls, will help to less their frustration and can be stress-free in jails. He also stated that this scheme wouldn’t cost them too much and the male prisoners can pay the amount by themselves.

Jack revealed that there are more young persons in the jail, who has high amounts of testosterone in their bodies. Jack has come up with this idea, after watching a Channel 4 documentary, in which they showed about men who live with sex dolls.

He also stated that the prisoners can enjoy date nights, watch TV and can listen to music together with their partner and this will help to encourage the behavior of detainees.

Each inmate can use this sex doll during weekends and can put them in back their position in the box. “Most of our prisoners are youngsters, and the frustration is more with them and makes them restless. If they gave sex dolls, then they will be stress-free and less mischief.”


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