Printed Sarees with Baahubali Posters

It’s currently the Baahubali trend that is going on everywhere. Not only in social media but the mania has reached into sarees too. The sarees which have the print of Baahubali 2 posters are getting sold like hot cakes. A mill in Eluru, West Godavari district is printing Baahubali posters on their sarees. They have selected some interesting, nice posters in the movie and are printing them on a nicely colored sarees. In the first batch, they only released a 50 sarees and just gave them to their friends. They even went to the movie on the release day by wearing the same sarees.

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 The prints on the sarees included Amarendra Baahubali and Devasena with the bows, throwing three arrows each. Not only the print but also they printed the entire Mahishmathi Kingdom and the Fort on the sarees. A woman promoted the sarees in social media by spreading the pictures of her friends wearing Baahubali printed sarees on Whatsapp and Facebook. They started getting an enormous number of phone calls and messages asking to place orders. So recently another batch of 500 sarees is going to get released now. This batch sarees also include the pictures of Rana Daggubati (Bhallala Deva), Ramya Krishna (SivaGami) also. Bollywood actress Raveena Tandon also shared the saree photos on her official Twitter account in the past. Now they are also planning to print Rajinikanth stills in his Kabali movie too.


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