The 33-year old Prince Harry visited Wales with his American fiancée Meghan Markle on Thursday, January 18, 2018. Markle met fans as she arrived at Cardiff Castle with Harry in Cardiff, Wales.

Prince introduced his fiancée to a new part of Britain during their pre-wedding tour. Their arrival was delayed by an hour as the train was delayed because of strong winds in Britain. They shook hands with dozens who were waiting to greet them amidst the cold climate.

Markle was wearing a black coat, which was designed by a British designer Stella McCartney and a stylish Jeans designed by Hiut Denim, a Welsh designer. The Prince was wearing a blue sweater.

The couple together have already gone on pre-wedding trips to Brixton in South London and Nottingham. Wales is especially important as Prince Harry, the second son of Prince Charles, is the Prince of Wales.

Cardiff is the largest city and also the capital city of Wales. According to Kensington Palace, they will be spending a day there to learn about the community social organizations in the country and to showcase the culture and heritage of Wales.

During their tour, they attended performances from poets and musicians. They learnt how cultural groups are working in Wales to promote Welsh cultural identity. Two children named, Harry Smith and Megan Taylor gave them a wedding gift in a red box, which was a traditional Celtic love spoon, as said by Kensington Palace.

Harry and Markle visited Star Hub to attend a street dance class on Jan 18, 2018 in Cardiff, Wales. Markle was wearing a wide-shouldered jacket in wool herringbone, which was designed by Theory, with black jeans.

They are set to marry on May 19 this year at Windsor Castle.


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