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The current estimated jackpot values to $415 million and cash value of $269.7. The winning numbers of Powerball are 30 47 57 66 69 and the Power play Power Ball is 3.

There are no jackpot winners in Wednesdays’ drawing. The Winners of NonJackpot Wednesdays’ play are 1872974 and the prize valued to $15,436,574.

The Powerball drawing happened on Wednesday at 10:59 pm ET and was estimated to $348 Million with $226.1 Million cash value and further increased to $361.5 Million and now the Saturdays’ jackpot will be $415 Million.

In January, the Powerball jackpot escalated to the highest ever to $1.6 billion and the prize shared by three winners from Florida, California, and Tennessee,the largest ever jackpot in the world.

April 30th Powerball Rolls to $348 Million and Apr 27th Jackpot catapults to Rolls to $348 Million. The Powerball drawing held on Jan 13th captured the attention of millions and made National news.

So how does Powerball drawing happens?

The American favourite lottery game played in 44 States in Washington D.C., Puerto Rico, and the U.S Virgin Islands.

Once tickets sold in 44 states, the Jackpot starts at $40 Million, and if there isn’t a winner, it increases after each drawing.

Payment to players made through two ways, firstly, annuity paid out 30 times for 29 years and secondly, immediate cash payout but less money than the total Jackpot.

 The next drawing will be on Saturday 07th May.

Powerball Winning Numbers with last drawn dates i.e. previous results

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