This is the third mobile internet shut down in Rajasthan within three weeks over an exam. The ban on internet services in Jaipur will be obligatory only at the 209 examination centres and their neighbouring areas, a senior administration official confirmed. According to a command issued by the divisional commissioner T. Ravikant, the ban on internet services will not be forced across the urban area in Jaipur, but only in small pockets of areas where the exam will be conducted on Saturday and Sunday. The internet services will be adjourned from 8 pm to 5 pm at examination centres over the weekend.

For few, it disclosures an indifferent nature of the state which can put the lives of lakhs of people in confusion by turning off access to the internet. It was no dreadful law and order issue but the meek comportment of an examination that warranted such drastic action. The resort to cheating reveals dysfunctional education and invigilation systems, careless inspection and the anxiety among youth to shelter a government job. Arunachal Pradesh too resorted to an internet shutdown to conduct a state recruitment test last month, indicating that the illness and the claimed cure surpass the geographic boundaries.

“Keeping in view the possibility that the candidates appearing in the police constable exam might use high-tech gadgets and mobile phones for cheating and paper leak, the mobile internet services are being suspended at 209 examination centres in the jurisdiction of Jaipur Commissionerate and 10 examination centres in Jaipur rural,” said the order issued by the divisional commissioner.

The Rajasthan government have made it custom of suspending mobile internet services going by the third such shutdown, just to prevent dishonesty in-state recruitment examinations. The internet has now no longer been a recreational place that can be shut down at will. It has become intimate from the smooth deportment of businesses, personal lives and even crucial amenities. This reveals the story of state of affairs in Rajasthan which reflects badly on the education quality rendered to the youth.

Earlier, a lot of misunderstanding was dominant whether the internet services would be banned across Jaipur, later clarifies that the services will be cracked only at examination centres and their surrounding areas.


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