Pokhran Nuclear Test

As the whole world is celebrating the National Technology Day, Prime Minister Narendra Modi took his official Twitter to hail former PM Atal Bihari Vajpayee and his courage to conduct, almost 19 years ago in Pokhran.

Today, Modi has tweeted as, “Greetings to everyone, especially our industrious scientists and those passionate about technology, on National Technology Day.”

After that in another post, in which he uploaded his speech about Indian scientists who have given greater contributions to Pokhran tests, he stated that the world has quite a good knowledge about Pokhran tests. Under the leadership of Atalji’s many successful tests were carried out by the country and it paved a path to witness the greatness of Indian scientists. These researchers made the nation proud.

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After that Modi also stated in his post, “On 13th of May 1998, Atalji called the tests again and proved that he made of a different mettle. It happened after the first series of tests the world community placed sanctions on India. If we had a weak PM, then the situation would be different, but he is very brave and dynamic PM to carry out these tests.

In Rajasthan, Pokhran is a city, which located in the district of Jaisalmer. This remote location in Thar Desert region served as India’s first test center underground nuclear weapon detonation.