Prime Minister Narendra Modi has given a call to the Indian masses to deliver Sandesh to Soldiers on the coming festival of Diwali.

He further added to devote this Diwali to the soldiers who are protecting us day and night forgoing their joy and happiness. Modi has urged the citizens to send a message to the Jawans as to recognize their commitment to protect the nation at all times from enemies.

In this regard Modi is running a campaign called #Sandesh2Soldiers. This persuade the people of India to send wishes through messages and letters to the Indian army on the occasion of Diwali.

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The logic behind this is explained by modi very neatly. He said that the Indian tradition is that on festivals we all remember our loved ones. We send love, wishes and greetings to them. In the same essence, our soldiers who sacrifice their lives for our comfort and safety are also our loved ones. This is a heart touching statement by Modi.

PM sent his message through NaMo App, Doordarshan and MyGov.in. Officials added a special feature on the NaMo app so that general public too can send messages to the Indian army.

Such actions and messages will cause a great meaning and honour for the sacrifices of Indian Army that are made to safeguard the nation. This will also enable the general public to interact with the Indian soldiers.

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Besides these platforms, the messages can be delivered through the All India Radio – Akashvani programme.

Indian Prime Minister is also airing a video in which a child and women features along with a layman.

Modi since becoming PM of India has been active in public with a unique and different method of approaching a common man. This is in fact made him more accessible PM of Indian history by a common man.


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