Pitru Paksha 2017

Pitru Paksha is a ritual performed by Hindus by doing Pind Daan. Pind Daan is nothing but offering some food to birds in the name of their elders who passed away. Performing the ritual is called Shradh Pooja, and the process of following it is Shradh Pooja Vidhi.

Shardh 2017 Dates

This year Pitru Paksha is performed from September 5 to September 19. It is a very important Shradh ritual performed by Hindus for the peace of their ancestors. Shradh 2017 dates were said to start from September 5 according to the Hindu calendar.

Shradh Significance:

Shradh is a process of remembering their ancestors and offering food and clothes to poor and needy. Hindus believe that their ancestors should be in peace where ever they are. According to the Hindu holy books, it is believed that their ancestors are looking at them all the time and safe guarding them against any hurdles in their life. They are always protecting them and blessing them for their good will. So Shradh is performed to provide them peace.

Shradh reason, beliefs:

Some people may die at very early age due to sudden health issues, suicides or accidents. These kinds of actions may cause dissatisfaction for their soul. They may not lose hope from life at that time and stay unsatisfied. So Hindus believe that their souls may be in restless condition and that may disturb the present generation. By performing Shradh ritual, they feel that they can overcome such interference and disturbance from them and provide them relief from dissatisfaction if life.

Shradh Pooja Vidhi:

Shradh Pitru Paksha is a significant ritual to be carried out by Hindus. While talking about the Shradh Vidhi (process), according to the Holy books they can perform the Shradh rituals.

For performing Shradh, they need to take the help of Pandit. Shradh time 2017 is past afternoon according to Shradh 2017 dates. Most importantly they should make sure that their ancestors don’t get angry. Books suggest that Shradh should be performed by son or nephew only if there are no sons them any brother or male nephew can carry out the ritual.

Shradh offering to ancestors:

After completion of Shradh Pooja, they offer food to Brahmins called Brahmin Bhoj followed by Tarpan. They offer food to poor and needy. They prepare some of the favorite items of their ancestors for offerings and make sure they do it with two hands. After the process, they take their ancestors blessings for their bright future.


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