Petrol Pumps to Remain Shut on Every Sunday

New Delhi: If the government won’t increase gasoline dealers commission, the petrol pump pumpers demands a weekly off on Sunday from May 10th onwards. Representatives from all the states held a meeting of Consortium of Indian Petroleum Dealers (CPID) and took this decision.

The dealers declared that they would open the pumps only for eight hours a day after 10th May all over India and May 10th will be the No Purchase Day. AB Sathyanarayan, CPID national president, blamed the heedless behaviour of public sector oil companies management made them take this decision.

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He claimed that Union Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gases appointed a committee which recommended margin money should be given to the dealers in 2010. But the oil companies haven’t implemented this plan and are not at all concerned about the margin money clause. As it been seven years and it’s becoming hard to bear the surging prices of lighting, human resources, and other services during the employee shifts.

Petrol Dealers Association, Ravi Shinde stated, “As oil companies affirmed to revise the commission rates we withdrew our strike in January, but there is nothing changed in the past four months.”


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