hear attack

Research has proved that individuals who have A/B/AB blood group are at 9% increased the danger of getting a heart attack when compared with the O group. People who are non-O blood group have large amounts of a blood-clotting protein called Willebrand factor which involves in thrombotic events.

For this research, the team selected a group of people and conducted a meta-analysis on both O-grouped and also the non-O grouped people and found that the latter are at higher risks of having coronary artery disease, ischaemic heart disease, heart failure, cardiovascular events, and mortality. The research team presented this study at the Heart Failure 2017 and also in the 4th World Congress on the Acute Heart Failure.
The reason why A blood group people are prone to have heart attacks is mainly due to the increased level of cholesterol in their body.

The researchers proved that A.B.AB blood group people have a high amount of protein galectin-3 which creates inflammation and worsen the conditions of heart patients.
Lead author Tessa Kole, a student at University Medical Centre Groningen in the Netherlands said that the people belonging to the non-O Blood Group have 9% high risk or coronary problems and cardiovascular issues and especially Myocardial infarction which is commonly known as Heart Attack.

Kole from IANS stated that along with Cholesterol level, age, sex, and blood pressure, Blood Group also plays a significant role in assessing the risk percentage for cardiovascular prevention.


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