Pawan Kalyan Demands State Government to Pay Rs. 11000 per Quintal of Chilli

Since the past few days, the Chilli farmers are demanding the Andhra Pradesh government to take up an initiative to provide minimum support price for their crops.

They expressed anger, as the government is not taking up their issue seriously. Jana Sena Party chief Pawan Kalyan in an open letter demanded the government to give Rs. 11000 per one quintal of chilly. He asked the government should fix a fair price for one quintal of chilies. Last year, the farmers received a price of Rs. 13500 per quintal. So, this time the government should make it as Rs. 11000. Instead of showing much interest in getting investments from corporate companies, the government should also take care of farmers, who are the backbone of India, questions Pawan Kalyan.  He also said that it is not a good thing to ignore farmers.


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