Paryushan festival is a most important holy festival for Jains. The festival occurs in August or September in Bhadra Shukla Chaturthi. Paryushana festival is celebrated for eight days by Svetambara Jains and ten days by Digambara Jains. The last day of the festival is called as Samvatsari concluded with the celebration of Kshamavani that means forgiveness day.

Paryushan Festival Date 2017

In 2017 Paryushanafestival occurred on August 19 and end on August 26. The meaning of Paryushana is ‘abiding and coming together.’ It is a time when Jains take a promise and do fasting. The ‘Paryushan Parva’ festival, is celebrated to self-purification and uplift is meant to adhere to the ten universal virtues in practical life. So it will lead us on the right path for material prosperity and lead us to our real destination.

Paryushana History :

The origin of Paryushana is related to some monks halting in one place for monsoon season which is termed as “Chaturmasa.” This word is related to the length of hurricane season of about four months. The duration of Paryushana is for 70 days. As monks settle in towns for a long time, householders can renew their faith by listening to statement given by dharma, meditation, and self-control

Paryushana Festival fasting and Significance

During Paryushana day, Jains do fasting from the beginning of the festival day to 30 days or more. Digambara Jains will consume food and water once in a day in the early morning, and whole day they do not eat or drink anything. But Svetambara Jains will just survive on boiled water which is consumed between sunrise and sunset only.

Digambara Jains on ten days of fasting they celebrate Ananta Chaturdashi a special worship is done to Lord Vasupujya to attain Moksha. Svetmbaras on 8 days fasting they recite Kalpa Sutra which includes the birth of Mahavira on the fifth day.

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On the last day of the festival, they ask for forgives for all the mistakes they have done throughout the year. Forgiveness is asked by saying “I have offended you in any way, knowingly or unknowingly, in thought, word or action, then I seek your forgiveness.” The main rule of Paryushana festival is to ask god for forgives by emphasizing the ten fundamental ethics as follows

  • Uttam Kshama means forbearance
  • Uttam Mardava means supreme modesty
  • Uttam Aarjava means straightforwardness
  • Uttam Satya means truth
  • Uttam Shauch means purity
  • Uttam Sanyam means supreme restraint
  • Uttam Tap means austerity
  • Uttam Tyaga means renunciation
  • Uttam Aakinchanya means non-attachment and
  • Uttam Brahmacharya means supreme celibacy

A special indication to celebrate Paryushana festival is to follow the below-mentioned points

  • Practice ‘Samayika, ’ i.e., equanimity
  • Control food intake
  • Read spiritual books
  • Speak less and use kind words
  • Meditate for a minimum 20 to make you peace for all evils
  • Control your anger
  • Send vibrations of friendliness to all living beings every day

The main motive of thieestival is that Jains ask their god to forgive for the mistakes they have done in a previous year and blessed them with good faith and lead a successful life


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