Parsi new year 2017

Parsi New Year 2017 is celebrated worldwide by ethno-linguistic groups at the beginning of the year. It is also known as Iranian New Year or Persian New Year. The Parsi New year is celebrated on first day of First month of the  Iranian Calendar and this year it falls on August 17, 2017.

Parsi New Year 2017 History & Significance

Parsi new year has been celebrated from 3000 years ago in Central Asia, Western Asia, Black Sea Basin and Balkans. It usually occurs when sun crosses celestial equator and equalizes day and night is calculated every year. At that time families gather together and see the rituals. Iranians observed beginning of both autumn and spring relates to harvest and sow seeds for celebration of New year. Nowruz has been celebrated by the biggest minority people in India from thousands of years. For Zoroastrians it is a secure holiday and celebrated with joy by different faiths.

Celebration of Nowruz

Before arrival of Nowruz, Iranians will start preparing with major cleaning of houses and purchase new clothes to wear for New Year. They also purchase flowers, hyacinth, and tulip for decoration. Parsis adorn their houses with different symbols like stars, birds, fishes and butterflies. They wear new clothes and decorate themselves with gold and silver kustis and caps. They decorate houses with garlands and flowers and in front of house they use color powder and keep rangolis.

On that day they make cuisine, desserts, snacks and many dishes with chicken, fish, mutton, rice, noodles etc. and decorate tables with good dishes. People buy gifts and give it to each other on that day. Nowruz is celebrated with zeal and belief that they gain health, wealth, prosperity, Four ‘Fs’ – Fire, Fragrance, Food, and Friendship on that day.

Parsi new year 2017

Parsi New Year is celebrated by sharing Parsi New Year images, messages wallpapers. So download here and start sharing with your friends and loved ones. So let’s all wish them Happy Parsi New Year…..

Parsi New year 2017 Wishes, Quotes

Memories of moments celebrated together…
Moments that have been attached to my heart, forever…
Make me miss you, even more, this Navroz…
May this Navroz bring in good fortune & abounding happiness for you!
Happy Navroz!!!

 Before the golden sun sets, the old calender is destroyed, And mobile networks get jammed, I wish in new year every moment is enjoyed. Happy Pateti

New Year begins, let us pray,
that it will be a year with new Peace,
New Happiness, and abundance of new friends,
God bless you through out the new Year.

May the glory of King spread all over, May Lord praise us in galore, Let’s pray for happiness and prosperity…May this Parsi New Year give us Happiness. Lasting ever and ever!!…Happy New Year!

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