panasonic-megaphone auto translates into different languages

If you are a travel freak and visit different places frequently, then you must be already knowing how annoying it feels when you can’t follow the instructions in some foreign language. Most of the travelers have experienced this all the time right? This case might happen to you at an airport, any public place, and tourist attractions.

In some cases, they make an announcement in English, but not all of them. But you often experience the deep trouble when it happens. But it looks like we have a solution for that now, almost.

Panasonic Corporation developed a megaphone which will translate the user’s voice into multiple languages. This device is named as ‘The Megahonyaku,’ this listens to the Japanese input and plays back the spelled phrases in English, Chinese and Korean.

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As per the reports, the company has come up with this new technology with the increase of the foreign visitors in Japan. Of course, it does not have the full-fledged support with the languages, but so far it is giving the good results. Panasonic loaded this device with approximately 300 set phrases.

According to the company, if you connect with the internet, you can get more phrases translations anytime. As of now, only 300 phrases are embedded where the work is getting done. It is included with the necessary phrases and information regarding the cautions and greetings.

For example, you can expect the phrases like “The flight has been delayed” or “Watch your way.” Getting it to work is also not that big of a deal as it is very simple.

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All you have to do is, just speak to the megaphone. That’s it! You are done with it. When the user speaks to the megaphone, it recognizes the language instantly and at the same moment it translates it. The translated phrases or the sentences are played out in the English, Korean and Chinese languages through the speaker. This looks so comfortable right! Yes, it is.

This will be help out a lot of people who are traveling to Japan and don’t know the language. We can expect this to launch in the other places as well with the more language support in the future.

The company is targeting the corporate customers with the goal of reaching about 10,000 unit contracts or so in the fiscal year 2018. The availability of the device is planning to offer by the company by 20 December 2016. The approximate price of this megaphone is less than ¥20,000 (Approx. $183 or Rs.12,473).


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