Gouthu Sivaji Gets Cardiac Attack, Admitted in Hospital

Srikakulam district Panchayat MLA Gouthu Shyam Sunder Sivaji was admitted to the hospital on Monday. He rushed to a nearby Care hospital in Visakhapatnam after he got a cardiac attack. The doctors have put him in a special ward, and the treatment is undergoing.

In the past, Shivaji suffered a severe heart attack and admitted to the hospital, and that time it was not any serious. None of the doctors have responded to the media, and no one is giving clarity about his health condition.

It is heard that since the past few days, he is psychologically disturbed due to the situations happening in Palasa constituency. After the issue of Municipal Chairman K Purna Chandra Rao and after that MPP resignation, he is totally disturbed and was not feeling well, since the past few days. Sources revealed that TDP government had disappointed him for not giving him a place in AP ministry, he felt depressed. These all might be the reasons for his cardiac attack. Many of his friends and other political party leaders have visited the hospital and enquiring about his health.


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