Michael Richard Pompeo is the 70th Secretary of State, United States and he is now under a very uncomfortable and embarrassed situation. There is a serious allegation made on the significant American politician. So, what is the allegation all about?

The assertion revolves around the involvement of the Secretary of the US with Imran Khan, the present Prime Minister of Pakistan. The issue is all about whether both the very important politicians of their respective nations have joined together to discuss about the deterministic decisions and actions taken by Islamabad on the terrorists, who are functioning in Pakistan. The same marks the start of a fresh fight between the 2 nations: Pakistan and the US.

The matter has turned into a quarrel because Pakistan reacts in a manner that it is contradicting the made statement. This gives a different and offending dimensions altogether. The nation confidently says that the US Secretary, Michael Richard Pompeo never popped on any talks related to the issue. And in contrast, the United States said that it abides by the statement, which supported that Pompeo discussed terror with the Prime Minister of Pakistan.    

Sources said that it is all about the matter that on Thursday, the 2 prime politicians of the world discussed terrorism on a phone call. Imran Khan strictly disagreed with the proclamation. To re-clarify the reason for the quarrel, a press conference was arranged on the same day and the spokeswoman of the United Stands said the country rigidly stands by what is had said earlier.

In the conference, the US readout had a role to play. Secretory Pompeo raised the importance of Pakistan taking decisive action against all terrorists operating in Pakistan and its vital role in promoting the Afghan peace process, said Heather Nauert, the US state department spokeswoman.

But, Pakistan completely refuses to accept that a discussion on terror took place. The statement is factually wrong is what the country said. According to Pakistan, the conversation over phone call never had anything about terrorism or the Afghan Peace movement. The same was tweeted by Mohammad Faisal, Pakistan’s spokesman.  


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