The Foreign Office of Pakistan summoned David Hale, the US Ambassador to Pakistan on Monday night following a tweet by US President Donald Trump’s tweet. This was done to lodge their protest against the tweet that accused their country of deceit and lies.

The embassy confirmed that the Ambassador was summoned at 9PM. Informed sources also said that Foreign Secretary Tehmina Janjua wanted explanation from Ambassador Hale over the President’s tweet.

The gist of Donald Trump’s tweet was that United States had provided Pakistan with billions of dollars in aid in the past two decades and all Pakistan has given the US is their deceit and lies. They keep giving safe haven to all the terrorists that are hunted by the US in Afghanistan. The US won’t be providing any further aid to such a country.

Pakistan has never helped US in terms of terrorist cleanup and this is evident from the last time the Ambassador was summoned by Pakistan. In May 2016, they expressed their reservations over the drone strike by the US inside their territory which killed Mullah Akhtar Mansoor, the Afghan Taliban Chief.

This announcement happened right after the extremely tense back and forth between Islamabad and Washington after the unveiling of that latest National Security strategy by the US president’s administration.

The President had reminded Pakistan that they had obligation towards helping them as the country received huge payments from the US each year.

Trump had said that they had made it very clear to Islamabad that they do desire continued partnership amongst the two countries but they do require some decisive action against the various terrorist groups in Pakistan.

Pakistan has also been accused by neighboring countries, India and Afghanistan, of harboring groups of terrorists that attack these countries. Islamabad has always denied such accusations.


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