Food Safety and Standards Authority (FSSAI) has made a move to control misleading claims and adulteration in edible oils. FSSAI new regulatory draft set the standards for the composition of fatty acids in various types of edible oils.

This new amendments in the regulation are introduced as the edible oil companies are planning to launch blended oil products. The food regulatory draft FSS (Food Product Standards and Food Additives) Amendment Regulation 2017 will allow to determinate the authenticity of edible oils by incorporating fatty acid composition in the standards.

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“Since the fatty acid composition is different for each edible oil, this amendment will go a long way in exposing and curbing two malpractices in the edible oil sector- adulteration of expensive oils with cheaper oils and misleading label claims on the composition of blended oils,” the regulator said in its notification.

The new draft reveals about the percentage of fatty acids composition and various kinds of fatty acids observed in 20 types of edible oils along with their limits. “This regulation will provide clarity to edible oil makers and testing authorities. It will also benefit consumers by bringing in transparency regarding the oil composition that they consume and ensure their safety,” says, Ashwin Bhadri, CEO, Equinox Labs.

On the other hand, FSSAI also released a draft notification on organic food which aims to bring a framework ensuring the safety of such products and their authentic organic status.

As per FSS regulations draft, food offering with “organic food” label on it should either comply with the provisions of National Programme for Organic Production (or) the Participatory Guarantee System for India (or) any other systems notified by the FSSAI.

The draft regulations also demand accurate information on the organic status of the product. Also, such foods should carry a quality assurance mark or certificate among other things.

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