Slack, which is a cloud based application majorly serves communication, and additionally imposes rights over our data stored in it. The data that is stored by the slack’s cloud is owned by it and therefore, the slack’s cloud would control all of it. The functioning of slack involves transmitting messages among the working teams and collaborated groups and storing the data exclusively in the cloud, which is the slack’s server. Due to the criticism revolving around slack which would gain complete control on the cloud data, there is a crucial need to take up slack alternatives open source. Here are a wide spread options for you to select from, to gain a full-fledged chatting and communication experience apart from the slack chat application:-

  • Rocket.Chat

Rocket.Chat is an ideal application for the modern world. Keeping in mind, all the advancements which our requirements and thoughts have gained, this app integrates various supporting features and modules including antivirus and file checking mechanisms. CoffeeScript and JavaScript are the main software languages which were used to build the app, allow you to download, run and access the app, tirelessly.

  • Zulip

Zulip is yet another application to drive communication among the teams in the organization. It is a package of collaboration tools which binds the working units together. Zulip offers an exclusive features which lets us pay attention to the major and essential conversations while the rest can be ignored or attended later. Incorporating email looping and practical interaction methodology, Zulip is found to be very user friendly hence it is one of the go to apps for communication.    

  • Mattermost

Mattermost is one of the most remarkable apps which are has its features and functionality exactly encircling the modern chatting and communication ways and methodologies. React framework is being used along with JavaScript and Golang commands. It offers both private and public chat options. Right from group to personal one on one conversations, Mattermost provides all that is needed to make the communication, a complete one. Many authentication systems support this application,and is being used for getting better at its service.   

  • Let’s Chat

If you are a team worker and if you are looking to connect to the entire team of yours, then Let’s Chat is a modern option as it has this amazing functionality. This application comes with a package of features which is more like an extravaganza. Integrating with Kerberos and authentication services, Let’s chat also has shelters APIs with which you can pair with many other tools.

Out of the revolutionary team chat applications which serve as slack alternatives open source, pick the best one that suits your requirements.  


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