Recently, reports of Ripple bribing famous crypto exchange Gemini for getting listed in its platform has been doing the rounds across the social media and crypto-related websites. It has also been accused of bribing Coinbase for a hefty amount of around hundred million dollars’ worth of Ripple, as reported by Steemit.

XRP has been widely successful in getting the financial institutions, especially banks, join the network. Ripple is undoubtedly world’s third-largest cryptocurrency, which is also supported by governmental agencies because it has widely been able to solve all the problems related to financial transactions and promises of lightning-fast transactions across the world. Unfortunately, all the positive features of the coin have been overlooked by the top crypto exchanges of the US. XRP failed to add a feather to its cap by getting listed where the top currencies are listed for transactions.

If rumors are to be believed, then the famous company that is based out of San Francisco allegedly advised paying incentives to Gemini and Coinbase to reach one level up the radar. Facing serious security threats, people who spread rumors have requested that their names should not be out publicly.

According to a news aggregator from Steemit, an executive representing Ripple tried to question the authorities if 41 million dollars payment would convince Gemini to list ripple. Listings done by top crypto exchanges have a major impact on the price upsurge of any coin, and such collaboration could have brought a lot of profits to the coin-based company.

Although few traders are upset with the revelations, some others have come out and supported the famous cryptocurrency coin owners for doing the needful. Every exchange has quoted a listing price to list coins on their platform in the past. Ripple is trying its best to upscale the coin’s value in technology front; in terms of use also it has proved its point. Now, future collaborations with financial institutions and exchanges will definitely strengthen the value of the coin.


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