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The Ola-Uber strike that undertook in February will get be resumed from Tuesday to Delhi-NCR Region. Though it is a one-day strike as regular taxi and cab drivers are also joining the protest, this would be a huge blow to private transport service sector.

There are approximately 1-5 lakh taxis of Ola and Uber that are in Delhi-NCR Region, and all of them won’t take out the cabs on 18th of April. They decided to walk on roads till they reach CM Arvind Kejriwal’s civil line residence from Majnu ka Tila gurudwara.

As the driver’s demands haven’t yet reached, they are resuming the strike. They are claiming none of the companies or Delhi Government has done anything. Last time in February the strike took place for two whole weeks causing the suffer of lakhs of passengers.

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The current protest will also be lead by same drivers Union which initiated the last strike named as Sarvodaya Driver Association of Delhi(SDAD).

Nothing has changed in this two months from February. Drivers are continuing to work for more than 16-18 hours daily but are barely getting paid enough to make a living and pay the car EMI’s. Fares of registered city cabs will be fixed by the government whereas Ola and Uber fix their fares: President, SDAD, Kamaljeet Gill.

Almost a dozen of active transport unions supported this strike. Until now the regular taxis with All India Taxi Permit(AITP) and autorickshaws protested against Ola and Uber claiming they are taking away their earnings.

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And drivers of app-based are suffering unable to cope up with the labor they are doing. They are demanding that app-based cabs should have meters and fix the fares based on governments. As both the regular and app based cabs became similar, both got together to fight this time.

Delhi Taxi Tourist Transporters Association, Sanjay Samrat said that Uber and Ola are disregarding the government rules. Uber and Ola are giving away the cars with permits on a small amount of Rs.35000. But as per government rules, vehicles can’t run on the point-to-point basis.

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